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Using Spirit-led Assessment to Unstick Your Church:

What if seasoned ministry leaders could bring your leadership team a fresh perspective on your church’s impact in your community?

Through the use of our various online polling instruments we will give you an accurate picture of how well your church is situated to fulfill its God-given mission.  Here’s how we can help:

Administrating and interpreting the Natural Church Development’s Church Survey.
  • This survey of 35 committed congregants will give you an accurate snapshot of where your church stands on 8 Quality Characteristics of Church Health, with comparisons to thousands of other churches in the U.S. or your denomination
In consultation and feedback from us, implement some of the other online survey’s we’ve developed:
Secret Church Visitor
  • We’ll send a secret “church visitor” to one of your weekend services to provide you objective feedback about how your church looks and feels to a first-time visitor to the church
Evaluation of your cyber-presence
  • We will evaluate your digital footprint in the cyber-agora (marketplace) and provide quality feedback on ways to enhance your impact
Onsite physical visit
  • This will include a focused conversation with the senior pastor, and “appreciative inquiry” method with your staff and volunteers
  • We will complete, along with the “secret worshipper” evaluation a thorough Internal Physical and Spiritual Environmental scan for your use
  • We will poll the external community for help with the External Spiritual Environmental scan
Prepare Comprehensive Internal and External Environmental Scans which will:
  • Profile physical and spiritual characteristics
  • Help with interpreting a Ministry Area Profile completed by Percept Group to inform the external analysis
  • Provide a complete and objective Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) analysis for use in your Spirit-Led Missional Action Plan for guiding the church through a strategic change cycle
Next Steps Action Summary
  • An abbreviated summary laying out some of the necessary changes you should make for immediate implementation
  • It’s likely one of these will be the implementation of a Spirit-led Strategic Change Cycle through the use of the development of a comprehensive Missional Action Plan (see following)
  • Telephone, video-chat or Go-To-Meeting hookup of key leaders to review the NextSteps Acton Plan
Develop a Prototype Missional Action Plan (M.A.P.)
  • Using the information we’ve compiled from the various qualitative and quantitative measures, we will provide a working document in the format you desire for you use in the Spirit-directed conversations among your congregation (depending on size) or selected strategy team that will help you to realize and cast vision among your staff and congregants
Facilitate or supervise focus-group discussions for implementing your church’s M.A.P.
  • “Mining the vision” within your congregation,
  • Articulating your realized and aspirational values
  • Developing a congregationally “owned” mission statement
  • Outlining long-term strategies for fulfilling your God-given mission
  • Delineating the necessary objectives to implement those strategies
  • Lay out a series of short and long-term SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound) goals for completing those objectives
  • Provide exemplars of Appendix material, i.e., Ministry Descriptions, budgets, timelines, etc. as needed