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Pathways to Discipleship

Pathway to Discipleship – Light for the Journey

The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn shining ever brighter
to the full light of day –
Proverbs 4:18

This series was designed for the new believer or those desiring to learn more about the basics of the Christian faith. It explains the core fundamental practices that all believer should embrace along their journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The best way to engage with this material is to print out the workbook pages (available in pdf format) and create your own 3-ring binder which you can use to follow along the lessons and take notes.

To see an overview Introductory Video of the Series, click here.

Here is an outline of the series (click on each heading to go to the respective resource):

Milestone 1:  Light for the Journey – Blessed Assurance

Milestone 2: Begin in Prayer: The Priority of Prayer in the life of the Christian Believer

Milestone 3: Direction from God’s Word:  Study of Scripture – Guideposts for the Journey

Milestone 4: We Don’t Go It Alone: Sojourning with the Community of Faith

Milestone 5: Telling Others About Jesus: Bringing “Others” Along on the Journey

Milestone 6: Waters of Refreshing, Part 1:  Water Baptism

Milestone 7: Waters of Refreshing, Part 2: Spirit Baptism

Milestone 8:  Equipped by God: Gifting for the Journey

Milestone 9:  Perseverance Along the Path:  Stewardship of Time/Talents/Money

Milestone 10:  Fruitfulness Along the Path:  Bearing Fruit that Will Last

Pathway to Discipleship Companion Workbook

Introductory Video

Milestone #1

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Milestone #2


Milestone #3

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Milestone #4


Milestone #5

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Milestone #6


Milestone #7

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Milestone #8


Milestone #9

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Milestone #10


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Pathway to Discipleship

Workbook in pdf format

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