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One-Step-CoverEvangelism as Spiritual Pilgrimage Together

We all need help when it comes to sharing our faith. Yet everyone, even Brian Kelly, who has been an active evangelist since 1985, struggles when it comes to sharing their faith with others. Evangelism, for most is a fear word (because of the adversary), and Christians and unbelievers alike have a tendency to avoid anything having to do with it.

This book will help you sift through some of the myth and confusion, and help equip you to be an effective and faithful witness. Instead of focusing on the techniques of witnessing, it will challenge you to discern more clearly how God is at work in the midst of your personal situations and those you encounter who have yet to experience deeply the love of Christ.

It is imperative the church take a fresh look at the task of evangelism. This book will help pastors, lay leaders, and ordinary Christians to work out their own personal practical ministry of outreach.

The most effective evangelism is

  1. biblical in basis
  2. conversational in method
  3. spiritual in dimension
  4. relational in context, and
  5. holistic in scope.

Readers who apply the principles outlined in this book will find themselves practicing a lifestyle of evangelism that prayerfully will bring multitudes one step closer to Christ.

One Step Closer to Christ: Evangelism as Pilgrimage Together is available as a softcover and digital book.

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What others are saying about One Step Closer to Christ:

— “In this book Kelly sheds light on concepts, that I had not realized before, in a practical way. This teaching is a beautiful and practical reminder of the importance and power of God’s word.”

— “As I reflect over what the book taught me, I realize that it had taught me about something I was missing in my life. The book teaches about how evangelism is supposed to be your lifestyle and not just an event. I think I personally have associated evangelism with outreaches and events that the church puts together. While these are forms of evangelism, I believe I had lost the lifestyle of evangelism. Evangelism should not be something practiced from time to time, but every minute of every day.
I was also reminded of the power the Holy Spirit offers when we step out and evangelize. One Step Closer to Christ has helped me realize, not only the need for evangelism, but the lifestyle of evangelism to be present in every Christian until all are reached for Christ.”

—  “In the last couple of weeks, we have had a discussion about this material in a new discipleship class we started at our church. I particularly enjoyed the graph on the three stages of the conversion process. It is definitely vital for every believer to understand his or her position in the body of Christ. As we commit to this process, we look forward to empowering believers to become effective followers of Christ that will ultimately transform their community.”

 “In conclusion, I am a messenger of Christ. Before reading this text, evangelism scared me to death. It is tough to be afraid of public speaking and now to add on to public speaking I must share my faith about Jesus Christ. This does not mean I do not love Jesus it’s just speaking in crowds intimidates me. This book has shifted my perspective and opened my eyes on ways to evangelize.”

— “Kelly does an excellent job sharing his five key aspects of evangelism and supporting it with biblical truth. His general points helped me realize how I need to be bolder in my faith and step out and share Christ with others.”

— “I really enjoyed learning how my giftings can affect those who I will reach. Kelly goes through describing details on how to help grow the new believer, what it looks like to be led by the Spirit, and even expresses some difficulties we may face as we begin evangelizing. This book has been an amazing read and has so many things I am going to start applying to my life. It also gave me more confidence and understanding in how the minds of unbelievers work.”

— “One Step Closer to Christ has helped me see models of lifestyle evangelism. Evangelism is not just feeding the homeless with the local church or serving at the local food bank. Evangelism is bigger and deeper than an occasional outreach or holiday program. It is a spiritual journey that all Christians share.”

— “Many works on the subject of evangelism focus on either the biblical legitimacy of such a mandate or practical methodologies we can use to assist us in the process but very few focus on a biblical understanding of conversion itself despite the fact that the way we understand salvation directly affects the way that we evangelize. One Step Closer to Christ makes up here where other books lack as Dr. Kelly spends a great deal of time describing what conversion really is from a biblical standpoint. What was particularly enlightening was the exposition of the biblical depiction of conversion as a process of travel not necessarily a specific moment in time.”

— “I never thought of conversion as a journey before, but now I do. This book has definitely impacted how I think about evangelism and ways that I will approach it from now on. I will now see my own conversion and those that I lead to Christ as being on a journey with God and having a continual transformational experience. I want to further implement the divine conversation with the Holy Spirit in order to effectively evangelize others throughout my daily life. I will be more aware that I should not just be excited that someone accepts Christ, but also take more responsibility in discipling new converts and asking them to be involved with a Christian community to help them to continue to grow in Christ and in their walk with Him. The things I learned from this book will impact the rest of my life.”

“Overall I think this book was extremely helpful in providing me with the truth about who God is and what He is able to do. It has given me more confidence to go out and evangelize to people. Really understand the power that the Holy Spirit provides and that we don’t have to carry the weight of salvation really helped me. It has also given me practical advice on how to go about evangelizing. These were things that I was not even taught before evangelizing with my college of ministry. In conclusion I believe this book has truly helped me become a better follower of Jesus and a more bold man of God.”

— “The book One Step Closer to Christ will help readers in many aspects, such as avoiding myths and confusion concerning evangelism. This thing called salvation, we often take too lightly, given by God to man, to share with others, through the work of evangelism. This book has shown me and others how it is effectively done with a focus on prayer, and personal development of character, and this book enables one to circumspectly evaluate the ways and manners in which most people enter into the conversion process, as well as the most useful habits one can demonstrate through their approaches and conduct to become a powerful Holy Spirit infused witness for Christ in a world that is dying and needs a Savior.”