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Toward that end we provide the following Comment Policy for you to consider:

1. All of our blogs are moderated for content before posting.

This enables us to keep trolls, character assassins, flamers and other undesirable types out of the conversation.

2.  We ask that you not post anonymous comments.

Since all our blogs are moderated you must have a real and verifiable email to go with your real name (we will never share your email with others). If you have a blog or website feel free to include it. Please use your real name.

3. Please don’t ramble but stay on the topic.

Try to keep comments on topic with the post that you’re contributing to. Rabbit trails off in some abstract direction from the original topic probably won’t get posted.

4.  Debate is welcome – we are looking for you to share opinions, disagree and even argue, but please be polite if you want your comments posted.

The point of a blog is to have discussion hopefully one that is Spirit-led. So keep in line with the fruit of the Spirit and we’ll be happy to post your insightful and helpful comments.  Please do not shout by TYPING IN ALL CAPS!

5. Keep it edifying.

Our blogs are limited public forums for discussion and, as host, we want to make it something that builds up rather than tears down.
Thanks for being a part of our cyber-community!