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Reaching Your Community For Christ

Our Weekend of Outreach includes: 

  • Begins with a Friday Night of Testimony with your youth group and others (optional – but youth love outreach and this will help encourage their involvement)
  • Saturday AM presentation of Be His Witness training and coordination of a Neighborhood Outreach Workshop (or Sharing Your Spiritual Journey With Others seminar) – all day Saturday and Sunday PM (see sample schedule below)
  • Preaching in Sunday AM and/or Sunday PM services 
  • Church codes for online access to seminar and/or outreach curriculum for ongoing use by seminar/workshop participants 
  • Links to Seeker, New Believers, Faithful Witness and Equipping Evangelist blog-sites for ongoing communal support

Tentative Weekend Schedule: 


     AM/PM?  –  Arrive to City of Outreach 

     7:00 – ?       Night of Evangelism Testimony with Youth/Others


8:00-9:00     PRAYER    

9:00-10:30   Be His Witness – Weekend Outreach 

11:00-12:30 Neighborhood Canvas          

12:30-1:00    Lunch at church      

1:15-2:00      Debriefing/Training 

2:00-4:00      More Neighborhood Canvassing   

4:00- 5:00     Debriefing/Testimonies – Closing Prayer


     8:00-9:00      PRAYER                        

     9:00-10:00     “One-Verse Evangelism” Sunday School

     10:30-12:00    Sunday Morning Worship –

     Noon-1:00      Lunch         

     1:00-4:00      More Be His Witness training and neighborhood outreach              

     6:00- 8:00      Barnabas Weekend Victory/Testimony Rally

This schedule is obviously tentative based on the rhythm of your church. Sunday PM neighborhood canvassing is often quite fruitful due to people being home and in a somewhat religious frame of mind.  

What about the cost?  Click here to learn more about ministry compensation for
Dr. Kelly’s ministry in your church.