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Click on the title of the resource to download/access the pdf files for your use in personal outreach, or use the other links provided to make the material accessible to seekers or others.

Religious Attitude Questionnaire

Religious Attitude Questionnaire—available in English and Spanish

Take the spiritual temperature of

your community. Ideal for use in

intentional evangelism efforts such

as marketplace evangelism

and neighborhood canvassing.  

Click here to take the questionnaire

online or provide a link for others.  

Too learn more about its use see our

Be His Witness, Part 1 training


 Our Spiritual Journey With Others pamphlet—available in English and Spanish

 Share with seekers what the Bible

says about God and the spiritual

realities of life and death. Print out

a hard copy or link seekers to a

video or print presentation of its

contents. To learn more see

our Be His Witness, Part 1 training


 Walking With the Lord Jesus Christ pamphlet—available in English and Spanish

 Share with new believers or seekers

the essentials for developing a

long-term relationship with the Lord.

Print out a hard copy or link seekers

to a video or print presentation of its

contents. To learn more see

our Be His Witness, Part 1 training

Pathway to Discipleship- Light for the Journey

Designed for the new or maturing believers

desiring to learn more about the

basics of the Christian faith.

Explains the core fundamental practices

that all believers should embrace

along their journey

with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

This seminar series is designed for those

desiring to learn more about how to rightly

divide the word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15).

It explains in detail the fundamental steps

of biblical interpretation,

otherwise known as hermeneutics. 

Strategic Planning.indd

Strategic Plan for Change

Hear what the Spirit is saying to your

church. Use this sample strategic plan

document to walk your church

through a strategic change cycle. 

To learn more about this process

Community Needs Assessment

Community Needs Assessment Survey

Begin your compassion outreach!

Canvas your neighbors to analyze

their real needs through this

provocative assessment.

An eye-opening exercise – for the

need is likely to be beyond your

resources. To learn more about

reaching your community see our

Relationships That Matter resource.

Download other pdf materials here:

Steps to Establishing an Assimilation Ministry
The Role of the Evangelist in the New Millennium

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Barnabas Missions makes a number of resources available free for use in downloading to further your evangelism, assessment, and outreach efforts.  But the gospel while freeing- “the one who the Son sets free is free indeed” (Jn. 8:36) spreading the gospel always costs something either in time, effort, finances, prayer, etc.

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