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Barnabas BBQ & Banquet Ministries


Jason Pratt recently testified: “Often when God slams a door there’s a new door about to be opened. A little over a month ago my  ministry career was turned upside down and I had no plan B.  BUT GOD. God showed up when i had no backup plan. He opened a  door and all I had to do was be available. The cooker you see in this picture will be solely dedicated to outreach ministry and raising funds for struggling discipleship ministries.”

This cooker will break denominational barriers and travel all over the Midwest helping any discipleship ministry that has a need.


Jason’s Story

“For some time now, I have felt God calling me to use my skill of Pit Master to help discipleship ministries that are struggling financially.  My love for smoking and
grilling meats began at a very young age when I would help my father with cooking.  The first time I felt the urge to help those in the discipleship ministries was when I attended a Light for the Lost (LFTL) barbeque fund-raising event. The money that was raised by selling the barbeque went to fund missions’ programs.

At the time I attended this event I was in an Adult and Teen Challenge (ATC) program.  The ATC is a 12-month residential discipleship ministry that is geared toward helping those with addiction issues. I was in the program because I had been in prison for using and dealing drugs. During a prison chapel service, I re-dedicated my life to Christ. After my release my mother and wife were instrumental in getting me into an ATC program.

The LFTL fundraiser I had attended made a great impact on my life and gave me the desire to help other discipleship ministries in this way. I was given the opportunity to fulfill this passion after graduating from the program. I have helped LFTL in a dozen or more barbeque events to raise money for Global Teen Challenge and World Missions for the Assemblies of God.

God has now opened the door for me to help other discipleship ministries that are struggling financially. He has provided me with my own smoker and brought people alongside that want to help.

I believe that we are all part of the body of Christ, and this ministry will go beyond denominational boarders.  If you are a discipleship ministry, especially in the Midwest, that is struggling, please contact me for more information.”

Jason Pratt (573-276-7945)



Jason went on to pray:  “Father God thank you for choosing me to be your hands and feet on this new ministry endeavor. Lord God bless this ministry and lets do some KINGDOM WORK.”

If you are a discipleship ministry in the Midwest and you have a banquet need or just want to do a simple fundraiser or even if you are just needing someone to cook an event feel free to contact Jason Pratt at 573-276-7945 anytime and we will figure something out.


Looking forward to being able to serve you.

Thank you to the anonymous donors who felt led by God to help make this dream a reality. You can make a donation to this ministry by clicking on this link here:  Make a Donation Here. 

Please keep us in prayer as we step out in faith to serve Him!

Jason & Tracy Pratt