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Outreach Ministry Assessment for Measuring Missional Effectiveness


What if an experienced ministry leader could bring your team a fresh

perspective on your church’s missional effectiveness?


Barnabas Missions will help you:


–  Discover those with the gift of evangelism in the local church setting – by polling those by online survey with our Gift of Evangelism survey


– Identify evangelism preferences of your congregation by polling your people through our Evangelism Preference online survey

 Community Needs Assessment

– Poll your community through an online Community Needs Assessment

 Religious Attitude Questionnaire

– Discern where God is at work in the target community population through the use of our Religious Attitude Questionnaire


– Help you recruit and equip a regular outreach team comprised of faithful witnesses with our Be His Witness, Part 1 training materials and intentional outreach method


– Through our Barnabas Outreach Weekend we will mobilize a team of those with evangelistic zeal from your church for monthly intentional evangelism efforts in marketplace outreach or neighborhood canvassing.


– Encourage the church body with a biblical perspective on evangelism – with our Sharing Your Spiritual Journey with Others training tools for use in a Sunday School, retreat, workshop, small group and or personal evangelism.


– Establish effective assimilation efforts in the local church for enveloping new believers, learn more through our Steps to Establishing an Effective Assimilation Ministry.


– Maintain an effective network for reaching out to those who are seeking a relationship with Christ through our online blog and other free materials for New Believers and Seekers.


– Enroll your church as a Sponsoring Church to host a regional Barnabas School of Evangelism  in our Missionary Evangelist in Residence Program.

BrianKelly2016-04-185682c2From Dr. Brian Kelly: “I am convinced that the key to revival in the church is a restoration of a lifestyle of evangelism to the ordinary believer.  The challenge is that many pastors have not been trained well in this area yet they are expected to lead the church in that regard. Recognizing and encouraging all of the 5-fold ascension gifts in Eph. 4, apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher is essential to a genuinely healthy body of Christ, according to the Scripture.”

I am committed to being a “wellspring of refreshing” to the local pastor who desires to equip their people to realize their call to be a witness to a lost and dying world.  If we can help them to overcome the initial hurdles of fear that the adversary uses as the number one weapon against our efforts to share the love of Christ, they will have the momentum to step out in the classroom of the Holy Spirit and begin to see God move through them to bring people into a loving relationship with Christ.  As they step out in such obedience they will begin to see the supernatural fruit that comes from sowing the gospel in the lives of unbelievers.

I believe the evangelist is called to win the lost (personal evangelism), preach the Gospel (both in the church and society at large) and teach others to do likewise (equipping the saints to do the work of personal and public witness).”