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Suggested Ministry Compensation

Dr. Kelly’s bona fides:

Please keep in mind that Dr. Kelly will bring considerable wisdom and expertise to the table. As an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and Spirit-led facilitator, he has been teaching in church, college, and seminar contexts for almost 4 decades, has ministered in the area of evangelism in nearly 600 churches, and has taught courses in evangelism, church planting/health, administration, conflict resolution, and leadership extensively (click here for more of Dr. Kelly’s bio info). 

Suggested Compensation for Dr. Kelly

What follows is an explanation of the possible ministry opportunities available for churches by Barnabas Missions through Dr. Kelly’s ministry. These are typical expectations based on the type of ministry desired. Of course, each individual ministry need will be prayerfully considered based on the size of the church, its budget, and the missional circumstances for each. God is in charge not budgetary considerations! Generally, Dr. Kelly receives $50 an hour for statistical/strategic consulting billed on a quarter/hourly basis.  

Free Will Offerings

The following costs are for provided for budgetary planning purposes. Research shows that over the last century most churches rarely allocate more than 5% of their budget toward the primary purpose of the church – reaching the lost in their communities – and that usually includes Sunday School discipleship material!  If a church does not have the budget on hand Dr. Kelly will work with you to plan for his ministry and may come on a free-will offering basis only as well.  People will honor a ministry that brings real value to their spiritual walk with the Lord! 

Week of Evangelism Assessment & Training  — $2,500 plus travel lodging expenses 


  • Online administration of the congregational Evangelism Preference online survey or the Gift of Evangelism survey
  • Review of the church’s Evangelistic Missional/Effectiveness based on context
  • Meeting with leadership team (Staff or Board or both) to present conclusions/suggestions for improvement in evangelism
  • Presentation of key components of Sharing Your Spiritual Journey With Others seminar to congregation (or Be His Witness – Neighborhood Outreach Workshop) 
  • Preaching in Sunday AM and/or Sunday PM services (you keep the free-will offerings to offset costs of the week) 
  • Church codes for online access to seminar and outreach curriculum for ongoing use by seminar/workshop participants. 

Barnabas Outreach Weekend — $1,500 plus travel lodging expenses 

  • Presentation of Be His Witness training and coordination of a Neighborhood Outreach Workshop (or Sharing Your Spiritual Journey With Others seminar) – all day Saturday and Sunday PM 
  • Preaching in Sunday AM and/or Sunday PM services (Barnabas Missions receives the free-will offerings) 
  • Church codes for online access to seminar and/or outreach curriculum for ongoing use by seminar/workshop participants 
  • Click here to see what’s involved in the Barnabas Outreach Weekend.

Cost of Individual Components:

Online Administration of the Evangelism Preference online surveyor the Gift of Evangelism online survey:
Average Church Attendance  Cost of Administration, Analysis,
& Report Preparation
Under 50  $200
50 — 100 $300
100 — 200 $400
200+ $500
Congregational Evangelistic Missional Effectiveness Assessment:

Available on a consultant fee basis determined by the size of the church, amount of travel and time with your church leadership team. The church would determine what components of Evangelistic Missional Effectiveness they would like assessed and the nature of the presentation, e.g., report in person, online or combination of both.