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Jump Start Your Outreach Efforts


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 “Identifying and training evangelists are among the most important

components of any local church’s evangelism efforts”

Rice Brooks, Author of God’s Not Dead & The Human Right survey


Successful church plants tend to have defined processes for evangelism,

discipleship, and church membership…when an attender asks “What’s

the next step I should take spiritually?” they tend to have a well-defined,

easily articulated answer  —  George Paul Wood, Influence Magazine


Learn how to develop your own practical ministry of personal outreach:

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Dr. Kelly’s One Step Closer to Christ: Evangelism as Spiritual Pilgrimage Together was written for the ordinary believer to help them evaluate any evangelism method for their personal outreach efforts.

Is it biblical in basis, conversational in method, relational in context, spiritual in dimension, and holistic in scope? If not, how can we make it so?

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Help recruit others to get involved in your outreach efforts:

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Video Seminar for learning how to share your spiritual journey with others.

Six sessions cover the key biblical principles for effective personal outreach.

Six sessions cover conversational approaches for sharing the gospel.

Download the videos, view in your home, on your digital device, share with your small group.

Lead others in discussions to contextualize the material.

For specific details about the Sharing Your Spiritual Journey With OthersLearn more…

Help train and equip others in marketplace outreach and community canvassing:

Be His Witness, Part 1: Using Questionnaires & Pamphlets to Share the Gospel

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Digital format for
any electronic device

Learn to use a Religious Attitude Questionnaire for polling your community

Share your faith with the Our Spiritual Journey Together pamphlet

Disciple new converts/seekers with the Walking With the Lord Jesus Christ pamphlet

Form & equip a small group with the tools for effective witness

Learn how to witness from a 30 year expert

For more info about Be His Witness, Part 1Learn more…

Mobilize your church for effective evangelism:

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Focus on the internal strengths in your church for evangelism

Who is your Minister of Evangelism?

Who has the gift of evangelism in your church?

Develop Outreach-Focused small groups

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Identify the opportunities for outreach in your community

Discerning your congregation’s evangelism preferences

Neighborhood Canvassing

Personal Evangelism

Encounters in the Sanctuary

Outreach Events that work

Become a part of our Missionary Evangelist in Residence Program (M.E.R.P.) by sponsoring a Barnabas School of Evangelism in your church:


Take a look at our Missional Action Plan for recruiting, equipping & connecting:

— Equipping Evangelists

— Missionary Evangelists

— Sponsoring Churches

— Host a Barnabas School of Evangelism in your community

— Our environmental analysis of the state of Christianity & the Church in the U.S. today

Poll your community to assess and meet spiritual and physical felt needs:

Religious Attitude QuestionnaireClick on Image for More Info… (Available in Spanish)

Determine the spiritual atmosphere of your community through our Religious Attitude Questionnaire

Analyze the needs of your neighbors with a Community Needs Assessment

Connect your evangelists, seekers, new believers, and faithful witnesses with webinars, blogs, email and social networking