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We provide the tools for assessing, identifying, equipping, and implementing crucial factors for positive change in your organization.

Who we are:



Dr. Brian Kelly, has been a pastor, evangelist, church planter and professor for over 30 years helping well over 500 churches to improve their strategic outreach footprint.



Tim Frank, has been an internet marketer  and entrepreneur for decades and understands the importance of a dynamic and inviting physical and cyber-presence.

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What we can do – here are just a few things we can do to help “unstick” your organization. 

Begin with assessment tools to analyze the situation and move forward:


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Create an objective assessment of your church’s image in the community

Evaluate your organization’s present outreach capacity

Create an effective impact plan for immediate positive change

Assess the state of your church based on NCD’s 8 Quality Characteristics of Church Health

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Identify the critical factors that can hinder and help assist your organization to holistic health: 

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Identify your internal strengths and utilize them to address the major challenges you must face – learn more…

Pinpoint who the key change agents are within your organization

Locate the supporting resources available to you and your congregation

Establish the appropriate networking relationships for long-term impact

Equip your staff & volunteers through self-assessment: 

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Poll your church for critical feedback from those most committed to your future

We’ll help you complete an online anonymous Vote of Confidence

Discern the congregation’s Ministry Preferences

Help leaders & congregants assess their manifest and latent spiritual gifts – learn more…

Mobilize involvement of personnel through gift-oriented ministry placement


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Poll your staff regarding team dynamics

Use our 360° anonymous online assessment – learn more…

Obtain quantitative & qualitative feedback for discerning core issues

Evaluate the vital leadership
characteristics of your organization

Help in understanding team dynamics


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Poll your neighborhood community to develop target population profiles

Poll your church community about your organization’s needs

Gain understanding about spiritual felt needs within your community 

Utilize internal & external environmental analysis to employ strengths to address threats & challenges – learn more…

Implementing long-term Spirit-led Strategic Planning:

Strategic Planning.indd

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Bring your people to voice through a “vision mining” exercize that involves all of your key stakeholders

Discern what the Spirit is saying to your church by working through a Spirit-led strategic change cycle – learn more…

Economize resources for optimum long-term organizational health