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See what’s involved below or if you are ready to join click here to:



Equipping Evangelists

Introductory Offer – $35 @ month for mo. to mo. subscription (30% discount for a limited time – eventual $50 @ mo. cost)

Additional Discounts:
$30 @ mo. for 6 month’s subscription

$25 @ mo. for 12 months


When you join you will receive a copy of Dr. Kelly’s One Step Closer to Christ: Evangelism as Spiritual Pilgrimage Together in either paperback or pdf download (designate at shopping cart)


A free monthly digital download for one of our dynamic flash file or video sessions from our video seminars (your choice)

Additional Monthly Benefits:
  • Monthly webinar with Dr. Kelly and other “equipping” evangelists sharing the best of the best in ideas for overcoming obstacles to outreach, establishing ongoing ministry, motivating and mobilizing others in outreach, etc.
  • Monthly video-blog from Dr. Brian Kelly with substantial ideas for improving your outreach efforts
  • Ongoing blog with other evangelists – share your latest victories and challenges with other evangelists. Learn from other’s experiences
  • Regular newsletter with tips for trainers, theology of evangelism highlights, ideas for new outreach methods, etc. from Barnabas Missions Evangelism Support Network (NSN)
  • Personal consultation with Dr. Brian Kelly by phone or email when desired


How do I qualify?

Anyone who is either a faithful witness, equipping evangelist, or church leader would be invited to be a part of the Evangelism Support Network. Fill out our online application and pay the fee through Paypal.

Who else is involved?

Other like-minded church leaders, evangelists and faithful witnesses will be sharing through a monitored blog-post, sharing in the webinar polling, and published insights by the ESN.

What does it cost?

A nominal monthly fee based on your involvement.  Introductory offer is only $35 a month (mo. to mo. subscription) 30% discount from $50 value.

For how long am I committed?

On a monthly basis – you can stop your involvement at any time unless you agree to a longer term for a larger discount.