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  • When you join you will receive a copy of Dr. Kelly’s One Step Closer to Christ: Evangelism as Spiritual Pilgrimage Together in either paperback or pdf download
  • A free monthly digital download for one of our dynamic flash file or video sessions from our video seminars (your choice).
  • Ongoing blog with other evangelists – share your latest victories and challenges with other evangelists. Learn from other’s experiences
  • Regular newsletter with tips for trainers, theology of evangelism highlights, ideas for new outreach methods, etc. from Barnabas Missions ESN
  • Monthly video-blog from Dr. Brian Kelly including a 30 minute presentation plus interactive discussion with other equipping evangelists
  • Monthly webinar with Dr. Kelly and other “equipping” evangelists sharing the best of the best in ideas for overcoming obstacles to outreach, establishing ongoing ministry, motivating and mobilizing others in outreach, etc.
  • Ongoing blog with other faithful witnesses – share your latest victories and challenge others involved in personal witness and outreach. Learn from other’s experiences
  • Regular newsletter from Barnabas Missions ESN
  • Links to outreach witnessing materials for use in your social media, email, or other digital outreach efforts
  • Access to discounts on all ESN training materials
Ongoing blog with other new converts – share your latest victories and challenge with others that are new in the faith. Learn from other’s experiences as  you grow together in Christ.
  • Ongoing blog with others with questions about the Christian faith.
  • Ask your difficult questions and receive biblicly-based yet practical insight from others regarding their spiritual journey.